First time students should bring the Gymnast Application
to the office on the day of their signup.

Gymnastics Class Descriptions
Recreational Path

Mommy & Me (15 months)  45 mins
Parent participation to acclimate child to gym. When child is secure to be with coach along with other peers, without parent, child is advanced to Kindergym. 
KinderGym (3- 4.5 yrs)  45 mins
Teaches basic beginning skills on all apparatus. The focus of this class is to build self-confidence by learning skills on lower, less intimidating equipment (ie. lower, thicker beams, small bars and obstacle courses on floor) 
Jr. Elite (4.5 - 6 yrs) 1 hr
Focuses on improving confidence, building strength and achieving small goals. Begin learning skills such as cartwheels, handstands and basic beam and bar skills.
Academy I (6yrs+)  1 hr
Like Jr. Elite class, but for an older age group. 
Academy II (7yrs+)  1.5 hrs
Focus on more difficult skills with more strength work. ..
Academy III (7 yrs +) 2 hrs
Focus on higher level skills and more strength and flexibility.
Boy's 60 (4-6 yrs)  1 hr
Beginning gymnastics skills and beginning strength and conditioning taught in a fun, structured way. 
Boy's Academy 90 (6 yrs+)  1 hr
Beginning-intermediate gymnastics classes for older and/or more advanced boys.
Parkour (7 yrs+) 1.5 hrs
This class is to learn the fundamentals of parkour (free running) and the strength and flexibility necessary to excel in the sport. Open to all levels.
Competitive Path

Starbursts (3-5 yrs)  (2 hrs)
Beginning of the competitive track. Gymnasts learn basic skills while focusing on form, strength and flexibility. 
Academy I  (5 yrs+) (2 hrs)
Same as Starbursts with an older age group. 
Preteam (5 yrs+)  (7.5 hrs)
Prepare gymnasts for Competitive Team.
Competitive Team  (9-20 hrs)
Gymnasts begin competing throughout Southern California. Gymnasts compete compulsory routines through level 5 and begin competing optional routines at level 6.
Prep-Op/Xcel (8 yrs+)  (8-12 hrs)
This class is made up of retired competitive gymnasts as well as gymnasts from Academy II and III classes. Gymnasts go to Competitions and have routines, however do not have the time commitment and difficult judging that the competitive team has.
Featured Tumbling Classes
Basic Tumbling - (1 hr)
Teaches the basics of tumbling.
Power Tumbling - (2 hrs)
Training for competitive tumbling team with USAG.
Cheer Tumbling - (1 1/2 hrs)
This class is perfect for cheerleaders who want to work on making their tumbling skills stronger. Need work on jumps? Back handsprings? Tucks? This class is for all levels! 
Tumbling Class- (1 1/2 hrs)
prerequisite - you must have a backhandspring


News and Events

Gold Coast Gymnastics is a complete gymnastics facility offering training on all women's apparatus. We have both recreational classes and competitive teams. We offer gymnastics classes for boys, but have no boys team at this time. We also have tumbling and parkour classes, and have recently added a ninja training class.

Our goal is to make fitness and exercise fun, as well as to teach necessary life skills such as perseverance, dedication, and team work. Gymnastics is not an easy sport, but it is fun. We strive to help every participant meet their fitness, strength, and skills goals in a fun, safe, encouraging environment.

  • Open Gym
  • Tumbling
  • Large Foam Pit
  • Kid's Night Out
  • Birthday Parties
  • Day and Seasonal Camps (we follow the Ventura Unified School District Calendar)
  • Classes for 15 Months to Adult
  • Field Trips
  • Special Events
  • Special training for local cheer squads